Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"

Department of Organization & Information Technology

Department of Organization and Information Technology

Each individual department has its own hierarchical structure and constitution. The Organization & Information Technology Department reports directly to the Director of the Hospital.

The responsibilities of the Department are:

1. The handling of all issues of organization of the Hospital Services.
2. The study, advice and monitoring implementation of measures to simplify bureaucratic types and procedures and the elimination of unnecessary formalities, in cooperation with the objected Hospital Services as well as the application of objective-oriented and performance measurement management system.
3. The installation and startup of each new computer application.
4. The management of every application in systemic and operational perspective.
5. The hospital staff training in computer systems issues and the effective operation of IT systems.
6. Constant monitoring of new technologies and the evaluation of the possibility of reclamation
by the hospital.
7. Periodic and annual performance reports.
8. The management and operation of computer equipment, the optimization of the use of equipment in connection with the applications running on each piece of equipment,
9. The installation and maintenance of local or general computer network,
10. The management of user access to the network,
11. The communication management of the internal network to external networks,
12. The protection of the network and the optimization of network resources (disks, etc.)
13. The management of network performance and design of network extension.
14. The preparation of studies and technical specifications for the procurement of IT equipment (H/W, S/W, SYSTEM S/W, etc.).
15. The development of limited scope applications for:
a. the extension of the network functionality and the subsystems of medical and administrative services,
b. adjusting specific software packages for limited scope applications,
c. monitoring the medical-nursing and administrative-economic indices of hospital operation
d. Internet access.
16. The establishment of the Strategic IT Plan, based on the general strategic objectives of the hospital, but also on the specific operational needs.
17. Monitoring of the implementation of the Strategic Plan and information on the progress of IT projects, any problems or delays or even for any deviations from the originally planned project budget.
18. The submission and acceptance of proposals to and from the relevant departments for the studies and monitoring of processes associated with the installation of new computer systems,
19. The reception and general information gathering from the various subsystems of the hospital for the management and the medical service.

Head Mr. Mylonas Andreas
Phone number +302695360660
Location 1st Floor